AP Computer Science


Text - 4th edition

Open Source Java Game Assignment
Create a powerpoint that has the following 4 slides:
- name of assignment, game, your name, date
- description of game - narrative with a screen shot
- Java: describe algorithms for 2 aspects of the game including use of lists, for-loops, if-statements, etc (one slide per algorithm)

Turn in to Canvas by Friday

Open source games 1
Open source games 2

Review in 60m

Study Guide
Albert.io tips for APCS exam

Targeted Practice

free CodeHS course

Difference in equals and ==
more on stackoverflow

Elevens Act 3 Answer Form

Stephen Hawking on Black Holes
Stephen Hawking - Time Travel Part 1

Elevens Lab Starter Code + Student Guide

Elevens Lab Video Channel

Harvard Recursion video (up to 6:30)
Recursion with Examples

Sorting Code and Examples - Make these example programs work with your own example lists. Use a numeric example and a String example of data.

CodeHS - AP Comp Sci

Link to Past AP FR exams

Picture Lab wiki

Answer Form for Picture Lab Activity 1,2,3 DUE Friday 2/2/18

Intro form - complete 1/30

APCS Review with FR
Review on high school class site with videos
Varsity Tutors

the Object class in Java
Declaring parent objects of child types

Java in 30 minutes (with Arrays)

MIT 6.00 Lecture 1

Online Georgia Tech Book

Chapter 4 Homework Quiz

Basic Java Terms

AP Comp Sci videos

Stanford Lecture 1 Programming Methodology

2nd Period AP CS A Chooser

What is AP Computer Science A?

Elevens - Day 1 Video

Link to AP Central for past AP exams

Elevens Lab

Elevens Starter Code

Search/Sort Programs

Chapter 6 HW

Chapter 6 programs


Shmoop videos on APCS

Recursion Practice Quiz

Answer Sheet for Practice Quiz


Towers of Hanois

Color RGB Reference

Wiki on Picture Lab

Video on Color for Picture Lab

Is Computer Programming Hard to Learn?

AP CS Student Lab manuals

New Resources <---

Magpie Lab

Array Programs

AP CS Java Quick Reference

Program Assignment -- Do #2 OR #3 OR #4 by Friday January 29, turn in hard copies of the code with comments, individual assignment 200pt program

Chapter 7

Card Files

Super Quiz Review

Practice Questions

IBM Watson as a ChatBot

Student Chooser
Group Chooser

Video on toString() and Objects

Java for Complete Beginners (short videos on YouTube on Java topics)

Keyboard JAR file

Coding Guidelines

Example of gpdraw in a main method

gpdraw api



Install JDK + BlueJ - click BlueJ Combined Installer (includes JDK)

Online IDE + Tutorials

Java Au Naturel
**ICT Java Curriculum For Advanced Placementâ„¢ Computer Science**

Lecture VIDEOS

Spock syllabus

JAVA by API Example


EdWeek Article with stat breakdown
Google Made with Code video 1:30

AP Computer Science Principles

Kids React to Old Computers