Our project is a program that contains multiple locations, buildings, and non-playable characters with which the player can interact. Features include the dialogue of an NPC and doors that can transport the player from one location to another.

Locations are created as extensions of the Location class.
Buildings are created within a Location as an extension of the abstract Building class. The floor plan is determined by an array of Strings in which walls are represented by '+', floors are represented by '0', and doors are represented by '&'.
Doors are created within a building and serve to transport the player to a new Location, which represents the inside of the building.
NPCs are created as extensions of the Living class and they update regularly during the game in order to behave. For this NPC, if the player comes close, it will say "hello."

Division of Work:
A* Path Finding - Logan
Buildings - Rachel
Doors - Rachel
Locations - Rachel
NPCs - Logan
Speech - Logan

A* Path Finding - Working
Buildings - Working
Doors - Working
Locations - Working
NPCs - Working
Speech - Not working

Zip File: